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Dr. George Little, DDS

7 Redwood Drive, Ross, California 94957  415.925.2545

Fang Night

Not only is it important to Ross Family Dentistry to maintain our patient's oral health but it's important to stay involved with the community.  Dr. Little has been putting on an event called "Fang Night" for over eleven years. On this night we decorate the entire office and fit our patients, their families, and our friends with custom-made fangs. While all of this is going on we host a drive-in movie at one end of our parking lot for everybody to enjoy! The fangs are made by filling plastic store-bought fangs with a composite material. The fangs are then custom fit to each patient using one of our UV lights. Fang Night is generally held the weekend before Halloween. Please look here for more information as the date approaches and we hope to see you there!